Comfort Streeetch

Good sleeping has one particular advantage: best for lying

On Comfort Streeetch, your sleeping comfort is maximized

  • Comfort Streeetch supports the elasticity and flexible action of the mattress core in all movements and does not obstruct it. It thereby, offers the sleeping party a major high bio-medical lying comfort than comparative standard materials. ¹
  • Comfort Streeetch has excellent elastic properties - with an almost complete elasticity up to an overall expansion of 50%. This enhances an adaptation to the movements of the sleeping person not attained by conventional mattress cover materials. ²
  • Trough its high restoring force, Comfort Streeetch remains free of folds and bumps even after long usage. ³
  • Comfort Streeetch is available in different material compositions with different g/m²-weights and with additional loads.
  • Comfort Streeetch materials comply with the Eco-Tex Standard 100

¹ Ergonomic Institute of Munich (EIM), Dr. Heidinger, Dr. Jaspert & Dr. Hocke
² Institute of Textile Research of Thüringen-Vogtland e.V. in Greiz
³ LGA - State Industrial Institute of Bavaria in Nürnberg