Concept “The Fabric” antimony free

not more, but not less, either!

Watchful test institutes and well-informed consumers react increasingly critically to the wellness and health promises from products which should only offer a sensible basic function. This also applies to mattress fabrics with alleged thalassic, anti-aging, vitamin and who-knows-what effect, even through the bed sheet and pyjamas. Bodet & Horst has put an end to these pseudo claims and offers its customers in the international mattress industry the concept “The Fabric”.

Fabrics which emphatically concentrate on the essential elements of a good mattress cover fabric:

  • comfort: it supports the function of the mattress.
  • hygiene: it is washable at up to 95°C.
  • feel: it feels soft and pleasant.
  • appearance: it looks attractive.

And we guarantee that they contain


  • no fragrances, cosmetics or vitamins and
  • no herbicides, bactericides or fungicides,

whose use is at least doubtful, possibly even harmful.