Celliant® is a “responsive” polyester fibre, meaning that its effect is activated by the energy from the human body. Following sun, wind and water, Celliant® now uses human energy as the fourth large source of renewable energy.

Celliant® fibres are made from 13 natural minerals which are permanently embedded in polyester fibres. These fibres react with the infrared energy which the human body constantly emits.

The Celliant® fibres absorb this infrared energy, change it into effective energy and return this energy to the body. This can trigger natural chemical reactions in the body which can increase the amount of oxygen in the skin’s tissue.

The increased oxygen levels in the tissue then lead to better blood circulation and temperature regulation.

Increasing the oxygen content can have the following results:

• Improved sleep quality and better sleep efficiency
• Encouragement of healing processes
• Less waking time after falling asleep

The benefits for the human body have been proven in clinical studies and tests.