Bonded fabrics

Bonded fabrics materials are made up of two layers of different materials joined together by pattern or joining stitches. For example, a polyester backing can be combined with a cotton face side. The backing is always more tightly knitted than the face side, giving a ruched or textured appearance (relief). As a rule, the relief is further emphasised by filler fibres inserted between the layers. The filler fibres give the finished material its desired weight and feel.

Bodet & Horst offers the following bonded fabrics:

  • Jacquard-design
  • Minijaquard-design
  • Multi-coloured composite materials (up to 4 colours including background)
  • Relief-bonded fabric
  • Bonded fabrics with filling
  • Bonded fabrics without filling 
  • Finished weights of 180-750 g/m²
  • Standard fibres and mixtures: cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester, cotton-polyester-polyamide, polyester-polyamide, viscose-polyester, lyocell-polyester
  • Special fibres and mixtures on request
  • Our standard finished width is 230 cm